A downloadable gamelike thing for Windows, macOS, and Linux

connector.zip contains the source code and should run on any system that has pygame and python 3 installed.

setupConnector.exe is a self extracting archive that should run on windows PCs without requiring a previous python installation.

a space explorationey/gibberish game built in pygame with some obvious scoring from Gustav Holst that might just be art, and I'm still just referring to it by the name of the game jam.

There's a little linguistic toy that isn't quite developed enough to be anything but a gibberish generator.

Also posted on https://github.com/drewmacrae/connector


Developed by:

  • Andrew Macrae


  • Python
  • pygame
  • PyInstaller
  • sockets

With Assets from:


    orrery.zip 29 MB
    orrerySetup.exe 48 MB
    setupConnector.exe 41 MB

    Install instructions

    There are two ways to play: setupConnector.exe and orrerySetup.exe has the single player code built for Windows and tested on Windows 10. You can simply download and run a self extracting package to play a compiled version of the game without a need for much setup.  After you install it run Connector.exe or orrery.exe respectively to play.

    orrery.zip has the python source code but doesn't include necessary packages. To run it you should use pip to install:

    • pygame
    • numpy
    • sockets

    Development log


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    Not too much to say. Great taste in music, and good sounds when landing on another planet. No real explanation what the bars at the bottom mean, but I figured things out in the end. Sadly, I can't try out multiplayer since I don't have anyone else around. 

    Thanks for the feedback and for trying it out. I'llsee what I can do to make the bars make more sense.